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YOU and ME!

The people of Haiti need YOUR help. It’s URGENT!

You may be aware that I have a busy therapeutic practice, but I wrestle with an anxiety after witnessing our brothers and sisters in Haiti suffering. Daily struggling and clinging to life is what I saw.

Have you ever been called to do missionary work, but personal and family responsibilities prevent that?

The Haiti Solidarity Network of the North East (HSNNE) is trying to help the people help themselves. A development program, called the Coady Movement, will help the residents to become “Masters of their Own Destiny”. The Coady program is not a handout program but rather a program that will help enable the people of Haiti to develop skills that are needed for them to join resources so that everyone has a better life. Below is more about the Coady Movement.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t know that we are ALL called to love our neighbors as ourselves, even if they live thousands of miles away.

 Saturday, April 28, 2018 is the HSNNE Dinner Dance:

  • Become a friend for any donation up to $250.
  • Take out an ad for $250 or more.
  • Attend the upcoming dinner dance, tickets are $50 each • we expect to have two SUVs going, so notify me for a ride.

Thank you for any contribution that you can give. It is appreciated.

With peace, love and a vision –

Your friend,
Sharon White, SSJ




The Coady Haiti Movement

The Coady movement introduced in Haiti back in March 2014 is a model taken from the Antigonish movement created in the 1930’s by the people in the Eastern maritime region in Nova Scotia Province. During the depression period, the fishermen and others living in that region were in a deep financial hole.  The diocese in that region had acted, in the persons of many priests, such as Moses Coady, by organizing table meetings at individual’s homes, educating and gathering leaders, starting the process of looking at what they have, what they can control, and the power of togetherness.  There is no more powerful force than organized people coming together for a common cause.

Looking at the Antigonish movement and the fishermen experience which the Coady Institute symbolizes, we see some similarities with the situation of the people in the rural area of Haiti today. We have a social and political system that favors the rich and neglects the youth and the people in the rural part of the country. We have an education system that does not lead people to think, create and act, instead prepares the individual to look to another country where they may be able to survive.

The Coady program will enable the people of Haiti to develop co-ops to engage those who have skills to join resources. Instead of paying middlemen to promote and sell the products that they have tediously labored to create, they organize in a very structured and meaningful manner.

The Coady Haiti movement intends to address these problems by identifying and training leaders, helping them understand the world (economic, social and political) around them, and emphasizing for the leaders the role of education (formal and informal), the real place of power in people’s lives. The objective of the Coady Haiti movement is to bring hope back to the people in Haiti.

In order for Haitians to get out of that deep mess requires three big changes:

  1. They must organize themselves to take our destiny in our own hands.
  2. They must grow a movement that will touch every corner of the country.
  3. By a constant process of identifying and training leaders, create a social and economic movement that brings hope to the individual wherever that person may be in the country.

The role of HSNNE (Haiti Solidarity Network of the North East) is to accompany the people and provide training and financial support to those communities.

HSNNE, a 501c, sends four or five people as teachers and advocates four times a year to Haiti to educate 30-35 Haitians to become animators for the Coady program.  They spend several weeks preparing the animators /visionaries to promote the program for future economic development in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. HSNNE seeks to raise $60,000 yearly to maintain and grow this program.


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